Quality & Safety


The most important and crucial point of a food company is, apart from its products taste, the commitment to the quality of the materials and the food’s safe production and consumption. The cheese dairy in Milos ‘’Charalampakis’’ faithfully follows all the hygiene and safety rules and is certified with ISO22000 and HACCP for the safety of its dairy products.

Quality & Safety


ISO22000 is a global food safety standard, which relates to the whole production-consumption chain. Thus, it covers the whole range of actions from the farm to the transformation and processing, to the packaging and transportation, until the sale and consumption. By continually improving procedures, supervision and proper management, and also full transparency, the ‘’Charalampakis’’ creamery in Milos is committed to the safety and excellent quality of its cheese products..


HACCP is a set of hygiene principles and means “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point’’. It refers to every parameter associated with the food and could harm the consumer’s health. Proper implementation defines risks’ identification and assessment, their immediate correction and the systematic control, under recording and archiving. The legislation enforces HACCP, but the certification is not mandatory. The cheese dairy ‘’Charalampakis’’ in Milos chose to highlight its transparency and add the HACCP certificate in its files, too, so there can be no doubt for its fine cheese products..