Milos Island


Before even starting the trip to Milos, most visitors have read and been informed about its enchanting scenery and its distinctive beaches. Even before the ship dock in the harbor of Adamas, the beauties begin to stand out and draw the visitors’ first looks. Volcanoes create unreal landscapes, like Milos. Its natural beauty is unique and unparalleled. Built from lava layers, it colors the island in tones of gray, white and red rust.

The white and lunar Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, Paliochori, the colorful Klima and all the amazing beaches, like Fyriplaka, Tsigkrado, Fyropotamos, Alogomantra, Papafragkas and many more obvious and hidden beauties, they all amaze the visitors and make them Milos lovers.

One of the island’s hidden beauties is what you discover with taste and not with eyes! Milos’ gastronomy and culinary tradition will ‘’take off ‘’ your journey into an unforgettable experience!

Apart from the exquisite cheese products, which you will find at the traditional cheese dairy in Milos ‘'Charalambakis'’, the island is a real gastronomic paradise. Prominent place in the local cuisine belongs to ‘’pitarakia’’, which are like mini cheese pies, made of local cheese and herbs. In addition, there is the tomato paste of Milos which is spread on the bread, the traditional ‘’ladenia’’, omelet with manoura cheese, capers, greens and anhydrous vegetables, like tomatoes and fruits.

Of course, the delicious local meat, mainly goat meat, and fresh fish. As for confectionery products, the famous spoon-sweet ‘’koufeto’’ is the traditional treat for engagements and weddings, made of pumpkin, honey and almonds. Karpouzopita or watermelon pie is, also, tasteful and local treat. In conclusion, Milos Island is worth your visit not only for Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, but for its delicacies, traditional dishes, sweet treats and fine cheeses, as well!