The creamery in Milos ‘’Charalampakis’’’’ has its own goats farm and uses their milk, exclusively, for the cheese production. From the same cheese-making procedure, several cheese types are produced, having an only difference on their maturity time.

The freshest cheese , while the most mature one is the Mileiko or Milos’ Imichloro-cheese, which is the only one maturing in natural caves for 6 months or more

The entire production chain gives fine cheese products, which will amaze you with their unique taste! Apart from Milos, you will find them in selected stores all over Greece.

Mileiko cheese

The ‘’flagship’’ of the cheese dairy in Milos ‘’Charalampakis’’ is the fine Mileiko cheese, or else Imichloro-cheese of Milos. It is the last product of the cheese-making procedure, as it is the most mature one, 6 months or more. Its basic characteristic, though, is that it is the only cheese matured in the natural caves of the creamery, and not in the maturing system. During its maturation, it is regularly lubricated and thus, gets a dark sticky crust around it. This is, of course, removed before consumption, but not earlier, since it provides the cheese with exceptional spicy taste. A fine cheese, which looks a bit like the Italian parmesan, it is dry and hard, with golden color. Peppery with full bodied taste and rich aroma, acquired from the natural environment of its maturation.

Skotyri cheese

The skotyri cheese is soft goat cheese with spicy taste. It takes its name, in Greek, from the word ‘’windbag’’, which is made of goats’ skin and in which the cheese is left to mature. It is packaged in vacuum, like small balls and it is usually packed with mizithra cheese, for more taste and aroma. A special summer cheese that you have to try!

Sour ointment cheese

Sour ointment cheese of Milos is a soft white cheese, with granular to creamy texture, and it has sour taste. It is made of 100% Greek local goat milk and is left under specific temperature and conditions, to get its aroma and wonderful taste. It is basically used in salads, like the famous ‘’ntakos salad’’ and in pies. Summer, fresh cheese with unparalleled flavor, which is ideal with ouzo!

Goat cheese

The goat cheese is a traditional Greek product, white and tasteful. It is mostly used in pies and salads, but it is also consumed on its own, like feta cheese. It has a high nutritional value and is ideal for those who are intolerant to cow's milk.